Granzin's Market


If you’re used to the meat counter at your neighborhood grocery store, you’re in for a treat at Granzin’s. We offer a massive selection of beef, sausage, pork, poultry and seafood, with staff that select and wrap cuts on the spot.

Taste the difference in meat from your local butcher shop, where freshness is our top priority. Our prices are competitive with big box supermarkets, but our quality is unsurpassed.

Our meat is fresh because it’s local. We buy from local ranchers and cattle buyers that we know and trust, then process the meat on-site in our state-of-the-art facility, so you get a product that’s truly farm to market.

Our bacon is delicious because it’s hand-made, seasoned, cured and smoked right here by us. Our hamburger was freshly ground minutes ago, not days ago. Got a special request, like a blend of hamburger, bacon and brisket? Our friendly meat experts are ready to help. Check out our specialty items, from milanesa to stuffed quail and marinated chicken breasts.


Professionally Trained Butchers • Truly Farm To Market 

We Buy From Local Ranchers • Daily Ground Hamburger & Sausage 

Special Order & Blends • Hand-made Bacon & Sausage


We offer a wide selection of locally sourced and locally processed beef so you get the freshest, most flavorful meat available, in exactly the cuts you need for your meal. Several varieties of hamburger are ground throughout each day and never treated with carbon monoxide for color.


Granzin’s is your source for fresh, delicious pork, including ribs, chops and roasts, cut to order. Be sure to try our hand-seasoned, in-house cured bacon!

Poultry & Seafood

Find your favorite poultry and seafood options at Granzin’s, from lobster tails, jumbo gulf shrimp and Atlantic salmon to semi-boneless quail, marinated chicken breasts or leg quarters.


Our house-made sausage comes in a variety of styles. Try our smoked pork sausage, fresh garlic sausage or traditional German sausages, including Weisswurst and Knackwurst

Granzin's Market

I love this store. The meat is super high quality and their seasoned, cured meats taste amazing. The prices are often better than the local HEB and the quality is better. Their produce can be a little more expensive but is usually tastier.

Jamie Houghham